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Online support experience - vision

The Dell Support site is where Dell customers, both individual consumers and enterprise customers, can come when their products have issues, when they need additional product information or services, or when they need to download drivers. The site aims to provide product solutions, assistance, and general product information, to solve for all kinds of product issues for Dell customers. The end goal is to do the heavy lifting to ensure that Dell customers have a seamless experience when using their products. I was asked to come up with a vision that explores what the support site can be. I think the experience should allow existing customers to easily find relevant, and urgent information about all their devices, allow new customers to easily register a product. In other words, it should easily continue existing relationships, and start new ones. And this solution is what I think can achieve all of that.


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The biggest goals

Dell's online experience should allow customers to easily achieve 3 main goals: easily get help with issues, easily get a status overview of all the devices in the customer's ecosystem, and easily start a new relationship with a new customer.

Where Dell Support is today

The current Dell support experience presents information in an architecture that is difficult for a customer to find a product that needs help. The placements of features and languages used do not follow the way customers would identify their products. This was also confirmed through various user testing that we have done. The lack of visual language consistency also doesn't help making the experience easier for customers.

The vision for the homepage

The homepage provides the opportunity to grab new relationships, and continue existing relationships. It should allow customers to search for anything, and provide relevant results. The product categories should allow a customer to easily get to the product in need of help. New customers can register for products, and Dell would see if the customer and product are already in the system from product purchase or initial system registration. Existing customers have the choice of getting logged in automatically, if Dell recognizes the device.

This is the full prototype, you can interact with all enabled links

The vision for the existing customer

When an existing customer is logged in, the customer can see the status of all the devices. The first information that are surfaced of these devices are the potential threats, and needed updates. The health of the devices should be the focus of the experience, and the devices with the most urgent issues are presented first.

In addition to device status, the customer can also view related information about their devices, such as orders that have been placed, usage statuses of devices, learn more about their devices, or join the community to see what others are saying about using the same devices. All of these features are meant to optimize the customer's usage experience of the devices.

This is the full prototype, you can interact with all enabled links

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