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Retail marketing reel

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Active is a version of the Galaxy S7 with extreme endurance. This video was displayed on sample phones of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active in many retail outlets in the United States. The objective was to create a loop video that would attract customers inside these stores to interact with the sample phones, as well as showcasing attractive features of the phone. Created with the team at Razorfish, I was responsible for selecting footages and designing each screen. A lot of efforts were spent on selecting the appropriate footages that convey the marketing message.


The text screens were designed with consistency and branding in mind to deliver the intended message.

The footages feature people with active lifestyles to demonstrate the usefulness and attractive features of the phone.

Product photography and user interfaces were introduced throughout the video when showcasing features of the product.

Here are footage and photos of the work being displayed in a retail store:

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