Hi! I'm Henry.

I'm a product designer based in Austin, Texas. To me, product design means finding out what the users do, think, and need during an activity, and understanding where do they struggle and enjoy during that journey. This allows me to create a helpful product to the user. Creating a great product would require surface level and in-depth interpretations of their feedback. Catering to the users would lead to increased engagement and loyalty with the product.

Some principles that guide me


Simplicity doesn't necessarily mean emptiness; It is achieved by clear order and structure, regardless of how much information there is.

A design that has easily comprehensible hierarchies is always simple, and let users quickly understand the navigation and site structure.


UX design ultimately needs to satisfy user and business needs. All aspects of a product should have a role in achieving that purpose. And when they all do, the sum is so much greater than its parts from a functionality point of view.


Forms and motions should be used to enhance the purpose and functions of a product.

Basic forms are ultimately what shapes perceptions, regardless of the complexity.

Design Trends

UX design trends are strongly tied to everyday trends around us.

Understanding that what we perceive as ancient was once perceived to be futuristic. When I become too focused on the work, sometimes I like to step back and look at designs from decades ago, to keep things in perspective.

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