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Pick up and delivery options in app

What needs to be solved

HEB is a major supermarket chain in Texas, with some stores in northeast Mexico as well. It is headquartered in San Antonio, and enjoys popularity among many Texans as their favorite grocery store, and maintains a positive brand image in general. As delivery and pick up services become increasingly mainstream and normal, HEB has been rolling out its services of grocery delivery and pick up services as well. HEB's Curbside Pickup and Delivery options allow customers to order and pay for their groceries using their mobile phones, and either pick up their groceries, or have groceries delivered to their homes. This service requires the mobile experience to easily allow a customer to choose either pick up or delivery, choose a store, pick a time of the service. The customer should be able to easily navigate through these steps. I was asked to envision the mobile experience of choosing pick up and delivery options.


The Curbside Pick Up and Delivery options are conveniently located at the top of the screen, yet isn't intrusive when the user is shopping for products. Once the user choose either "Curbside Pick Up" or "Delivery", the user can then easily choose the store and time of service on a separate screen. After all selections are made, the user is taken back to the home screen, with the top section displaying the service, store and time. The user is now aware of what to expect after shopping is complete.

How this solution emerged

This solution is the result of understanding HEB customers and their mental models while grocery shopping. Customers' biggest concerns while grocery shopping were obtained and documented, in order to gain a detailed understanding of what goes through their minds when grocery shopping. Here are some of what we observed from HEB customers, and how this solution reflects on their prefences and habits:

Most HEB customers have a preferred HEB store to go to, that is usually conveniently located near their homes. Once a customer has formed a habit of frequently visiting a particular store, the customer rarely visits a different store. The easiest way for these customers to identify their stores is by the area, or neighborhood that the store is located in. This is why displaying stores near their proximity, in terms of neighborhood names, would increase their familiarity with the stores, and make it easier for them to choose a store.

Most HEB customers have a grocery shopping routine that occurs roughly around the same time of each day, that is influenced by other routine tasks that typically occur around the same time of each day as well. So picking a time of service would naturally fit into their routine. And of course, HEB does need to know the time of service, just like any delivery service.

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