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Shazam Profile

The Shazam Profile is a conceptual user profile within the Shazam app that aims to increase engagement between the users and the app. It aims to provide an extended experience for users who are looking for extensions in the Shazam app other than merely a song-identification feature. 

*This project was created for Shazam.


Through research, we obtained that many Shazam users do not engage with the app frequently. Unlike users of Facebook and Instagram, whom most likely engage with these apps daily, many Shazam users download the app, use it a few times initially, then leave the app for weeks or months before using it again. There needed to be a way to increase user engagement with the app. To solve that, we needed to understand what would make the Shazam experience better for most users, and change users' belief that the app is merely a one-feature app that does only one thing.


We have identified these main groups that lose engagement with the app:

1. Long time users

The Shazam app sits idle most commonly with long time users who have downloaded the app more than a year ago. Some of users lost that initial excitement when they were first using the app; Some of the users forgot that the still have the app in their phones; Some changed their phones and forgot about the existence of Shazam; Others lost interest in identifying songs.

2. One-time users

One time users are users who used the app once and never opened it again. Some of these users once heard of a song that they really liked, needed a way to know the name of the song, and download the app to get the answer. Others were introduced to the app by peers once, and were never interested afterwards. 

What the users want

These users told us that they would be very interested in extensions of the core Shazam feature. There was this overwhelming belief that users would love to know more related info about a song that they have Shazamed. If a user is motivated enough to open Shazam to identify a song, the user is very interested and emotionally connected to the song. Thus, there is a high chance that the user would enjoy extended information about the song artist, other songs of the same genre, or even what this Shazam says about the user's taste. The users also believed that seeing more of their own discovery details would make themselves feel respected by Shazam. Such details would show a sense of care and empathy with the users, which would be appreciated by the users.

The solution

The solution to address this problem is implementing a personalized user profile in the Shazam app for each user. The profile displays information that are personalized, and engaging to the user.

Based on a user's past Shazams, we are recommending other songs that the user might also like.

This section shows the genre of songs that the user has Shazamed the most, showing some interesting facts about the user's music taste.

This section shows big news, events, or latest releases by the user's favorite artists.

This section shows similarities of tracks the user has Shazamed, that might be interesting for the user to know.

This section shows patterns of the user when using Shazam, that might be interesting for the user to know.

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