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Homeowner dashboard cards

HomeAway has a lot of properties on its platform, posted by many homeowners who are looking to rent out their properties. HomeAway provides a product for homeowners where they can manage all their properties, change their daily rates, gain market insights, improve their competitive advantage, and other crucial functions to ensure that homeowners have full awareness of their properties, and the properties around them.

The dashboard within the homeowner product is a newsfeed that is personalized to display relevant information for each homeowner. The owner can scroll down the newsfeed to view cards that provides market insights, share relevant articles to improve property management, or notify owners of alerts that they need to be cautious of.

The owner dashboard is personalized to each owner, and shows relevant information that the owner either needs to pay attention to, or would gain broader knowledge about managing their properties. The very top of the dashboard shows notification of booking requests and unread inquiries, if there are any. Below that are all the cards that the owner can browse through. On the right side is a calendar that shows past and future bookings of this specific property. There are complementary information of current and upcoming guests.

Each card provides relevant information to the owner that either provides market insights, educational material about improving property management, or alerts that need the owner's attention quickly. Some cards are interactive and shows more detailed information with interaction. These cards are engaging and grabs the owner's attention. These interactions are especially useful when displaying crucial information regarding the property or market.

This card shows top competitors in this owner's market. The owner can view the daily rates of these properties, and adjust the daily rates accordingly.

The mobile experience is a priority when designing dashboard cards. Many owners use the owner product on their phones. Each dashboard card should be considered in desktop, tablet, and mobile experience.

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